Frequently Asked Questions - A virtual trade show

The Munch Machine crew missed seeing you at the usual trade shows and events in 2020! Normally, you’d swing by our trade show booth and talk to us in person, but unfortunately, that wasn't really an option last year. 

While we wait for indoor venues to open up again, we have built a great resource to answer 30 of the most frequently asked questions people have about our bucking machines. Click the links below to go directly to the corresponding chapter in the video. 


00:00 - Introduction

00:19 - History or Munch Machine

00:40 - What is bucking?

00:58 - How does a bucking machine work?

01:25 - Overview of Munch Machine products.

01:44 - Mother Bucker

02:29 - Double Bucker

03:14 - Conveyors

04:13 - Common features of the equipment

05:50 - Does a bucking machine damage my flower?

06:20 - Does the machine reduce the amount of trichomes left on the flower?

07:02 - How can I get the best results while bucking fresh flower?

08:05 - How can I get the best results while bucking dry flower?

09:47 - How much can one Mother Bucker harvest in a day?

11:32 - Will the machine harvest huge outdoor plants?

11:56 - What happens if the machine clogs?

12:19 - Can the equipment be used outside?

12:48 - What are the power requirements for the machines?

13:34 - Are the machines GMP complaint?

14:59 - What are the different die plate options?

15:51 - What is the difference between the indoor and outdoor Mother Bucker?

16:39 - Do you stock spare parts?

17:13 - Do you have a warranty?

17:31 - What maintenance is required?

20:30 - How do you clean the machine?

22:06 - Where is the equipment made?

22:22 - How do I purchase Munch Machine products?

22:54 - How does shipping work?

23:37 - What is the ROI on a Mother Bucker?

24:28 - Why are Munch Machine products more expensive than other bucking machines?