Very gently, comparable to hand bucking. The stems are pulled at a consistent rate with minimal shaking or jerking, which maximizes flower quality and trichome retention.

Our buckers work perfectly with wet or dry plants. Slow the machine down for damage-free bucking of dried plants, or speed it up for rapid bucking of freshly harvested plants.

Yes. The electronics are sealed from dust and water to handle harsh environments. Order the Mother Bucker with the off-road tire option for easy mobility over rough ground. The Double Bucker is equipped with oversized multi-surface casters that work well indoors and outdoors.

The key to perfectly stripped stems is matching stem size to hole size.  We have several Die-Plate options that cover all harvest scenarios and plant sizes. Switching die-plates is quick and simple. 

Our throughput numbers are not “theoretical”. They come directly from the real world experience of our customers. The Mother Bucker will reliably buck 150 pounds per hour, wet. Customers harvesting large outdoor plants at top speed have achieved up to 250 pounds per hour. Dry bucking will get you between 25-60 pounds per hour. For the Double Bucker, these #’s can be doubled.

Yes. Many customers run our machines off generators in the field. Click here for technical info on electrical requirements for using a generator to power our buckers.

Product Quality

Munch Machine is so confident in the reliability and durability of our products, we offer the best warranty in the business: 5 years. Excellent customer service and support is our #1 priority.

Like any true piece of farm equipment, our machines stand the test of time. We have machines running 24/7 at some of the largest operations in the world. Despite the continuous, hard use, these customers report they rarely need replacement parts or service.

All Munch Machine products are proudly made in the USA. This allows us to respond to parts and service requests quickly, as we know downtime during harvest is not an option.

Yes. The easy to clean design of the Double Bucker fits perfectly into a GMP compliant workflow. The bucked flower only interacts with the food-grade stainless steel faceplate. The powder coating, rubber rollers, and lubricants all meet or exceed FDA food-grade standards.

Yes. As our industry becomes more mainstream, compliance with governing agencies is essential. The Double Bucker meets UL and CSA standards. 240v CE-certified versions are available for worldwide shipping.

Service & Maintenance

Yes. Just like any piece of true farm equipment, our machines are engineered to be field serviceable with simple tools and minimal mechanical ability. We keep all parts in stock at all times.

Cleaning is fast and easy. Just take a few minutes daily to clean the rollers with 70% ISO alcohol and a stiff brush. Since all components are sealed, the machine can be power washed.  

Order Information

You can buy all machines, parts and accessories, direct from Munch Machine on this site. We also have select retail partners in a few regions of the US. Please contact us for more information on retailers.  

Yes. We have 240v CE certified versions of the machine available for worldwide shipping. Please contact us for more information.