Our roots run deep

MUNCH Machine makes innovative hemp harvesting solutions. MUNCH grew out of Dauenhauer Mfg, creators of the world’s first mechanical hops harvesters in 1940. Prior to this, hops were hand-picked and hand-processed on small farms, similar to hemp harvesting up to now.

Dauenhauer Harvesters changed the hops industry forever. Within a few years of the first prototype, the majority of US hops growers switched to mechanical harvesting. The adoption of this new technology dramatically increased efficiency, lowered processing costs, and gave farmers a competitive advantage over the laggards. Dauenhauer remains the world standard in commercial hops harvesting to this day.

At MUNCH Machine, we see the same scenario unfolding today as the hemp industry emerges from prohibition, and we are ready to meet the challenge. We have the experience and the knowledge to create innovative solutions for your harvesting needs. Our goal is to make affordable harvesting solutions for growers of all sizes.

For more on where we come from, visit: www.dmfg.com.